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Executive EQ Coaching

LEADING WITH PURPOSE WITH EXECUTIVE COACHING and excel as a leader others admire. When you develop your emotional intelligence, you will learn to identify your challenges and areas for improvement, your triggers, motivators, stressors, and biases; improve your communication style; and form positive habits that play to your strengths.

Develop CLARITY so you can identify your intention, motivators and stressors.

Boost your CONFIDENCE by building diverse skills and capabilities and embracing a growth mindset.

Show up with COURAGE to go beyond your comfort zone, learn to persevere and even face failure as an opportunity to get better.

Stay COMMITTED until you succeed. Leadership is about motivation, action and results.

Identify your Organizational “Why”

🔘 Accelerate leadership potential in individuals on your teams and across the organization
🔘 Define your company’s strategy and align it with your vision, mission and core values
🔘 Establish departmental goals that align to your organizational goals
🔘 Build trust, lead by example and achieve collective results

Develop Leaders Across the Organization

EXCEL WITH EXECUTIVE TEAM-BUILDING Start by empowering your executive leadership team to lead by example, build trust by role-modeling core values that govern how to get things done, and align strategy with vision and goals so they cascade across teams and empower operational leads.

EXPLORE IN-PERSON TEAM-BUILDING opportunities focussed on establishing cohesion, trust, and improved collaboration. Leverage the suite of Everything DiSC®-based corporate training and personality assessment solutions to help staff at any level of the organization effectively adapt their style and meet the needs of others.

ACCELERATE LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL across the organization by nurturing a culture of lifelong learners. Establish an environment of trust and empowerment to encourage  frontline supervisors, high-potential managers, emerging and senior leaders to develop a leadership mindset.

SUPPORT REMOTE STAFF with training opportunities that foster an inclusive culture of trust and high EQ with asynchronous online and synchronous virtual training on such topics as bridging the generational gap; anti-bias and diversity awareness; effective time management and collaboration; and navigating difficult conversations and conflict.