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Do you have a desire to lead?

Choose to become the trustworthy and empowering leader others admire.

I can help you achieve that goal.

I am Mohamed Hammoud and helping emerging and senior leaders is my passion and purpose.

It’s why I founded Desire2Lead, to help you lead with passion.

By simplifying emotional intelligence, I will help you gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to define your own purpose and to accelerate leadership potential in yourself, on your team and across the organization.

A bit about me…

I had heard of IQ, but not EQ. I discovered the latter by chance and experience. So I decided to learn more about emotional intelligence so I could help others develop their EQ.

My journey started with ongoing learning and certifying in tools like EQi 2.0, DiSC®, Situational Leadership and other programs focusing on adult learning and profesional development. You can say that I decided to make emotional intelligence the heart of my business so I could focus on growing heart-centred leaders.

As a husband and father to three children, an engaging facilitator, a keynote and TEDx speaker, a media commentator and community advocate, I believe heart-centred leadership is about involving others, using our influence to lift them up and inspiring them to become better version of themselves everyday. That’s how we can lead with purpose, grow and have an impact.