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Simplifying EQ for

Purpose-driven Leadership

At Desire2Lead, our vision is to help small- to mid-sized organizations develop tomorrow’s leaders today. Whether you have a team of HR professionals or you are a sole HR professional or entrepreneur, you can be confident that Desire2Lead will support your people with robust, effective, and efficient learning and growth opportunities.

As a boutique consulting agency, we are committed to your organization’s success. We specialize in customized turnkey training solutions, executive coaching and keynote speaking.

Our mission is to simplify emotional intelligence so you can accelerate leadership potential in individuals and teams across your organization.

We will work with your leadership team to:

  • Reinforce a well-articulated, actionable strategy around your vision, mission and core values
  • Align goals and milestones to your strategy
  • Develop learning opportunities for your teams
  • Build accountability across the organization
  • Measure progress with real results that translate into employee engagement, behavioural change, and high customer satisfaction

The outcome will help you design an inclusive culture founded on trust, collaboration and empowerment and build motivated leaders with high EQ who inspire others to be their best every day.

A bit about me…

I am Mohamed Hammoud and I founded Desire2Lead to simplify emotional intelligence so I can help small and mid-size organizations transform their culture and develop leaders who lead with purpose.

With background in adult education and leadership development, I am certified in EQi 2.0, DiSC® and 5 Behaviours®, Situational Leadership, Learning & Development, and Instructional Program Design.

An expert in professional development and facilitation, my passion is to develop training to help people learn, grow and thrive. I work with entrepreneurs and senior leaders to provide executive one-on-one coaching, and HR professionals to support them in developing robust training opportunities for their organizations so they can foster a leadership mindset across the organization.

I am a husband, father to three children, an executive coach, engaging facilitator, keynote and TEDx speaker, media commentator, and community advocate.